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Classic Examples

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Below are some classic attention tasks.

Attentional Blink

This is a classic 'Attentional Blink' Task. Measure temporal limitations in the ability to deploy visual attention.

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Change Blindness

This is a classic 'Change Blindness' Task. Measure how long it takes participants to spot the difference!

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Dot Probe

The dot-probe is a classic task used to assess selective attention.

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The classic Flanker Task (or Eriksen Flanker Task) is a 'response inhibition' test used to assess participants' ability to suppress responses.

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Go / No-Go Task (Children)

This Inattention and Impulsivity experiment is loosely based on a lab study conducted by Serena Bezdjian, Laura A. Baker, Dora Isabel Lozano, and Adrian Raine in 2009 on twins aged 9 and 10. Reference: Bezdjian et al. (2009)

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Mackworth Clock Task

This tests vigilance, a prolonged state of concentration. Participants must stare at the image of a ticking clock and identify when the second hand jumps more than it should. This example has a jump rate of around 8% and lasts a minute, whereas a full task would jump around 0.5% of the time, and last much longer. Reference: Mackworth (1948)

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Posner Cueing Task

This spatial orientation task measures the effects of cueing on reaction times to target stimuli. This example requires the participant to press one of two keys when a green 'thumbs up’ appears in the corresponding box. 75% of the time, a green circle will appear in the correct box before the stimulus appears. Reference: Wikipedia

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Sustained Attention Test

A classic sustained attention reaction test (or SART).

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Below are some classic attitude tasks. To see some IAT data and analysis collected using Gorilla, see this study.

Implicit Association Tests (IAT):

IAT: 'Pictures and Pictures'

View a classic Implicit Association Test: Category sorting task. Categories of images are paired with another category of interest. Differences in accuracy and RT are used to potentially measure implicit bias.

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IAT: 'Pictures and Words'

View a classic Implicit Association Test: Category sorting task, measuring strength of association between categories of images and word categories. Differences in accuracy and RT are used to potentially measure implicit bias.

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