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How Does Image Scaling Work?

Within a Zone, we show an image at the maximum size taking into account the file size and aspect ratio. Some scenarios:

Click on this link to see examples of the above at two different aspect ratios.

This task above has just one display, with one screen with an Image Zone at full size. See image below:

If you can, go through the Task on both 4:3 and 16:9 normally and in full screen mode. To get in and out of full screen mode press F11. Then you'll see all the permutations!

You'll see that the XL 4:3 image is indeed full screen on 4:3 monitor. The issue with videos is that they are often 16:9, but we have to present it within a 4:3 envelope.

How does text scaling work?

Text size in a Text Zone will always be the maximum for the space available. Text size is also dependent on screen size, so that Text Zones remain proportional to the other Zones on your screen.

Click on this link to see an example of how this works.

In the task above, there is a screen containing two Text Zones of the same size. One only contains two words, one many words.

So that your text remains large enough to read, we recommend making Text Zones as large as possible. This means that if participants use a small screen, the text size is less likely to be reduced.