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The Arden University Psychology Department has a departmental licence for Gorilla.

To confirm your eligibility, please contact your subscription manager at PsychResearchPaperQueries@arden.ac.uk

The department has purchased a licence to the Gorilla Online Experiment Builder. If you create tasks or experiments for use on computers or tablets, this tool may be useful for you!

Gorilla is a tool for building behavioural experiments or tasks for use on computers, tablets or phones without needing to code. It collects reaction time data by default, so it can be used for behavioural reserach. Once your task is created, you can deploy it online for participant to take part remotely, or you can test people in the lab.

Because Gorilla is online it is easy to:

  • Build online tasks, questionnaire and experiments quickly and easily without coding
  • Reach large and diverse (or specialist) samples online
  • Collect data quickly by using affiliated participant recruitment services

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