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Gorilla Academy: Social influence on movie preferences

In this experiment, participants were asked to rate a series of movies on a scale of 0-100 using a slider. They also indicated how confident they were in that rating. The participants then see the film ratings from both critics and audience members. This information was taken from Rotten Tomatoes website and was correct as of December 2020. Using embedded data, the participant was shown their original rating and asked if they want to change it now that they have seen the other ratings.

The aim of this experiment was to investigate social influence and whether people were more influenced by expert opinion or public opinion.

You can watch me build this task in Gorilla Academy

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Movie rating Exp

Built with Experiment

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

Generic Consent

Built with Questionnaire Builder 1

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)


Built with Questionnaire Builder 1

This form includes questions about gender, age, and film preferences.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)


Built with Task Builder 1

This task has participants use sliders to make film ratings. Some additional scripting was used to embed data from the slider, specifically to save the initial rating and present this back to the participant after seeing the ratings from the critics and audience.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)


Fully open! Access by URL and searchable from the Open Materials search page

Published on 14 December 2020