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Visuomotor Adaptation


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OnPoint: A package for online experiments in motor control and motor learning

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Motor learning experiments are typically run in-person, exploiting finely calibrated setups (digitizing tablets, robotic manipulandum, full VR displays) that provide high temporal and spatial resolution. However, these experiments come at a cost, not limited to the one-time expense of purchasing equipment but also the substantial time devoted to recruiting participants and administering the experiment. Moreover, exceptional circumstances that limit in-person testing, such as a global pandemic, may halt research progress. These limitations of in-person motor learning research have motivated the design of OnPoint, an open-source software package for motor control and motor learning researchers. As with all online studies, OnPoint offers an opportunity to conduct large-N motor learning studies, with potential applications to do faster pilot testing, replicate previous findings, and conduct longitudinal studies.

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Conducted at University of California Berkeley
Published on 31 August 2020
Corresponding author Dr Jonathan Tsay PhD Student
University of California Berkeley