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Web Component for Pursuit Rotor Task to embed in web application.

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Component Attributes

  • component-radius The radius of the circle bounded by a square. The square is the component size. Default: "100px".
  • dot-radius The radius of the rotor. Default: "40px".
  • circle-time The number of seconds to complete a round. Default: "10".
  • rounds-count The amount of turns until the stop. Default: "1".
  • red-alert Show red alert when the user mouse is out the rotor. Default: "true"
  • green-alert Show green alert when the user mouse is in the rotor. Default: "true"
  • timer Count down seconds before the experiment start. Default: "0". (If the value is 0, the experiment will start when the user on the rotor)


To get the task results, you can listen to the finish event.

The finish event returns this data in the detail:

  • outCount Count the times the user left the rotor.
  • inTimeMs Count how many milliseconds the user was in the rotor.
  .addEventListener("finish", (e) => console.log(e.detail));

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)


Preferred Citation
Published on 13 August 2020
Corresponding author Baruch Odem Undergraduate Student
Sapir Academic Collage