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Gorilla Grants 2019

We're hosting three webinars during the course of the grant competition. Please register your interest below. If you can't make any of the webinars, you can also tweet us your questions @gorillapsyc using #GorillaGrants2019.

Webinar 1 // Getting started with Gorilla

Date and time: Wednesday 16 October 2019 @ 15:00 BST

Are you new to Gorilla? Or just in need of a refresher? Our team will talk you through getting started with Gorilla and answer any questions you might have about the experiment builder or the grant process.

Webinar 2 // Modern behavioural science: the ins and outs of online research

Date and time: Monday 11 November 2019 @ 15:00 GMT

With the explosion of online research, one of our in-house experts, Alex Anwyl-Irvine, will talk about the pros and cons of conducting online research and give some tips for making sure that your project is as successful as possible.

Webinar 3 // Gorilla Grants 2019: ask us anything!

Date and time: Monday 2 December 2019 @ 15:00 GMT

It's getting close to the deadline! Meet some more members of the team and ask any burning questions that have gone unanswered!