Gorilla Grants 2020

Last updated 23/10/2020

The Gorilla Experiment Builder is offering grants to MSc and PhD students and early career researchers (PhD+5 years adjusted for parental leave) wanting to run an online study.

This is an opportunity to receive a grant to address your own research question (individually or as a group) at the start of your career and to be at the forefront of a new methodology in psychology.

Gorilla Grants at a glance:

What we offer:


You can apply if you are studying for an MSc, PhD, or starting your career in post-doctoral research. For a group application, the group leader must be designated as the applicant and first author.

All applicants must:

  1. Write up a project proposal (we provide a template).
  2. Create the experimental protocol within Gorilla.
  3. Submit the application form (download link will be sent to you after you register below).

Winners are expected to:

  1. Collect data online via recruitment services (Prolific Academic, etc.) or social media.
  2. Publish a pre-print or submit an article for publication before March 2022. The applicant should be named as the first author.
  3. Post their task/experiment to the Gorilla Open Materials Repository at an appropriate point.
  4. Participate in a spotlight interview to showcase your research on our website.

New to Gorilla?

Get acclimated and don't hesitate to reach out for help:

  1. See what Gorilla can do by looking at our support samples.
  2. Check out our recent BRM publication: Gorilla in our Midst.
  3. Watch some onboarding videos. or if you prefer reading, check out our getting started guide which explains all the basics clearly and precisely.
  4. See how other students and researchers use Gorilla in our spotlights.
  5. Watch our videos from the BeOnline2020 conference to learn all about doing research online.
  6. Help is only a few clicks away, and we pride ourselves on our customer support!

How to apply:

  1. Create a free Gorilla account.
  2. Register your interest using your university or lab email address below.
  3. Create your proof-of-concept protocol in Gorilla.
  4. Complete and send your application form to grants@gorilla.sc together with supplementary materials (CV).

Key Dates:

  1. Contest open date: 6th of August
  2. Application deadline: (Extended to) 15th of November
  3. Winners announced: 27th of November

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