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Task Builder 2

Build stimulus-response, accuracy-and-reaction-time psychological tasks.

Quick Links

Step-By-Step Guide
First time using this tool? Follow our step-by-step guide and get up and running quickly

How-To Guide
Take a tour of the tools and understand how they work

Components Guide
Full listing of all the different components you can use

Browse tutorials of specific features in Task Builder 2

Explore classic behavioural science tasks built in Task Builder 2

In-Depth Guides

Binding Guide
Understand how to bind to the spreadsheet, manipulations and more

Layout and Positioning Guide
Understand how layout and positioning works in Task Builder 2

Response Processing Guide
Understand how participant responses are handled and what you can do with them

Object-Component System Guide
Understand the underlying architecture of Objects and Components


Please Note: These documents refer to Task Builder 2, and are a work in progress.

You can find the corresponding information for Task Builder 1 in this Tooling Reference Guide.