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TB2 Task Builder 2
GB Game Builder
QB2 Questionnaire Builder 2


Questionnaire Builder 2

Build questionnaires, surveys and forms with text entry boxes, likert scales, dropdowns, and many more

Questionnaire Builder 2 Guides

Task Builder 2

Build reaction-time tasks using a wide range of stimuli and response options

Task Builder 2 Guides

Experiment Builder

Deploy your questionnaires, tasks, games, or shops to participants and introduce any randomisation, counterbalancing, and additional complexity you need.

Experiment Builder Guides

Game Builder

Build simple games using animations and particle effects

Game Builder Guides


Build tasks that can be played by multiple participants simultaneously

Multiplayer Guides

Shop Builder

Shop builder description

Shop Builder Guides

Looking for Questionnaire Builder 1 or Task Builder 1? Have a look at our Legacy Tools page.